Monday, July 17, 2006

White River Training run

I rode down to white River to meet up with the Seattle Running company. They put on a 25 mile training run which was the second half of the 50 mile course. I carpooled with fellow maniac Shawn Lawson. After waiting around an extra 1/2 hour, we started out on 6 miles of flat. It was fast for me but I figured there would be time to rest because this was just a training run. We did that section in exactly 1 hour. We stopped for about a minute as Scott gave us directions for the rest of the course. The next 13 miles was pretty much all uphill, climbing 3000 feet. We averaged 13 m/m. Scott's wife set up an aid station at the top. Shela and I grabbed some food and filled up on water. We then had a 6 mile steep descent on a fire road. We flew down that at about 7:30 minutes per mile. 4:36 for 25 miles was a lot faster than I had in mind. It sure did feel good.

Mileage this week
Monday...2 miles
Tuesday...6.25 miles downtown w/SRC
Wednesday... zero
Thursday...5.5 miles
Friday... zero
Saturday...2 miles pushing stroller
Sunday...25 miles
Total 41.25 miles, 936 ytd

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