Monday, July 24, 2006

week of 7-17

Mileage this week
Monday...7 miles
Tuesday...6.25 miles downtown w/SRC
Wednesday... 3 mile
Thursday... zero
Friday... 1 mile
Saturday...10 miles pushing stroller @ Lake Youngs Fund Run
Sunday...7.5 miles
Total 34.75 miles, 998 ytd

Monday, July 17, 2006

White River Training run

I rode down to white River to meet up with the Seattle Running company. They put on a 25 mile training run which was the second half of the 50 mile course. I carpooled with fellow maniac Shawn Lawson. After waiting around an extra 1/2 hour, we started out on 6 miles of flat. It was fast for me but I figured there would be time to rest because this was just a training run. We did that section in exactly 1 hour. We stopped for about a minute as Scott gave us directions for the rest of the course. The next 13 miles was pretty much all uphill, climbing 3000 feet. We averaged 13 m/m. Scott's wife set up an aid station at the top. Shela and I grabbed some food and filled up on water. We then had a 6 mile steep descent on a fire road. We flew down that at about 7:30 minutes per mile. 4:36 for 25 miles was a lot faster than I had in mind. It sure did feel good.

Mileage this week
Monday...2 miles
Tuesday...6.25 miles downtown w/SRC
Wednesday... zero
Thursday...5.5 miles
Friday... zero
Saturday...2 miles pushing stroller
Sunday...25 miles
Total 41.25 miles, 936 ytd

Monday, July 10, 2006

Seafair Marathon

Well the new course was supposed to be easier. They had all kinds of high-tech graphs and charts. I think it was a lot harder! The hills weren't steep but they sure were long. I finished about 2 minutes faster than last year. Considering how hot it was, I'm pretty happy with that.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

CCC training Run 7-2-06

It was another great day of running.
Nine of us started out at 1000 trails and ran the last 32 miles of the CCC 100 course. It was sunny and got pretty warm. This was a good training run because it's the hardest part of the coure and 10 miles will be at night. I felt strong all day but it showed me that I have a lot of work to do before race day.