Monday, November 06, 2006

UWR Marathon

Well what can I say about this race? It was an hour slower than last weekend. I felt like giving up at around 10 miles but there was nobody around to tell. My legs were dead after about 4 miles. I tried taking short walk breaks but it only helped me to go faster for about a minute each time. I was overdressed. It was warmer and dryer than I thought it would so I was sweating like a pig wrapped in Palm leaves, buried in red hot rocks on a beach in Hawaii (see Luau). I did finish before it started raining. And the only wind was during the last 2 miles along the water. And that Chowder at Spuds was Awesome. I know where Shawn’s going to be hanging out this summer.

I guess I ran a lot harder for that PR last weekend than I thought I did. Hopefully I’ll be more rested for R.H. 50k on Saturday. That river crossing is going to be dicey with all this rain we’re getting.


backofpack said...

Hey Arthur! I was one of that group you passed on the way in at Alki. You looked like you were doing fine! We started an hour early, and you still caught and passed us. I watched your yellow vest to see where the end was. This was my second marathon, first being Portland, third coming up in Seattle to be a maniac. I met your wife briefly at CCC last summer - I was crewing for Rob H. And you might know my husband, Eric too. I'm not sure. Anyway, congrats on the run yesterday!

robtherunner said...

Sounds like you all lucked out on the weather. Good luck this coming weekend.

Anonymous said...
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