Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hills, Hills, Hills

I've been very lax with keeping up my blog. Sorry! Life is unpredictable and finding the time between buying a new house and work and the three kids and birthdays is tough.
Here's what I've been up to (in my running life).
I've only run 1 marathon or longer race, Bridle Trails. It went real well. I thought the frozen ground made it harder than last year’s mud fest but I have not been able to find anybody that agrees with me. Last year the ground was real soft. This year there were a lot of places where the mud was frozen with horse tracks in it. It was tough not to turn an ankle and still keep up your speed. I ran a 5:42 but I think I could cut 30 minutes off that with better conditions.
I have been running shorter distances and with my wife Jennifer. I did 1 lap at Tiger Fat Ass.
I did 2 laps at pigtails, 1 with Jenn.

My last 4 weekends have been Tiger, Squak, Tiger, and Tiger.

I've been searching for the steepest trail I can find. So far it's the Nook-Section line up to Tiger #3. It came in at 1188 ft gained per mile. There was snow on it this weekend which made coming down pretty dicey.

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Shawn said...

So, one might now call you "King of the Hills." :)

Well, anyway, those hills will certainly pay off at Chuckanut!