Saturday, March 24, 2007

R & R & Wind & a Party

After doing 100k last weekend I felt surprisingly well. I did a little stretching and walking Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday I did a hard 3 on the treadmill at 12%. Hamstrings were a little tight and the back of my knees were mildly sore, but that was it.
Saturday I was going to do 6 summits at Tiger but I only made it to T3 and turned around. It was pretty windy and I was by myself so I headed back down. I had already seen a few fresh branches / trees down and it seemed to be getting windier.

Sunday was my son's 2nd Birthday party. So I expected to do Zero miles. I ended up doing 3 workouts.

1st while Jenn was doing a run, I did 45 minutes of the Biggest Loser workout. I worked muscles I never work. It felt good and strange all at the same time. After Jenn got back I had an hour before I had to start rolling my Chicken Enchiladas,
so I went for a quick Tempo run. I got in about 7 1/2 with 3 minutes to spare. I felt much better. My legs and arms got a correct workout (running).

Arthur Jr's party was nice, Shawn was there with her (kid/husband) Seth.

Jenn was set to make a cake shaped like Lighting but they saw this one at Safeway and couldn't resist.

After the party my friend Chris wanted some company running, so I figured I could burn off the cake I ate. We did an easy (he's slower than Jenn) 40 minutes.

Miles this week: about 20


shawn said...

To clarify - Seth is the largest of the three children playing with toys on the couch.
:) Thanks for having us!

GotLegs! said...

Cute kids ... even the big one.