Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Northbend to Vantage

Over the weekend I Paced Shawn at NB2V 108 miler. It had 3 (running) starters and 1 (running) finisher and some bikers.
See Shawn's (very long) blog for a play by play like no other.

I was originally going to run the whole race but because of many other things going on in my life, Other than running, and the 65 miles I did at Redmond last weekend, I opted to just pace Shawn from somewhere in the middle (basically during the night) to the finish.

After going to a 3 hour movie and eating a tub of popcorn, I met Tc at Tiger and we headed up to Cle Elum. We pulled up to an exuberant Shawn jumping up and down and waving her hands in the air like a sailors wife after a double tour of duty. ;D

I got Shela and myself ready as soon as I could and we were off. ... It was an interesting evening pacing Shawn. Her emotions went up and down more than the trail did. But in a good way.

She ended up being the only finisher, and she looked like she could have done another 30 miles easy.


shawn said...

"...like a sailors wife after a double tour of duty." Nah, that more aptly describes Seth when I got home!

Thanks again for coming out & for not letting me quit.

Rickie got out today and I had to go chase him down (1 mile)...my knee hurts!! ;-)

Journey to a Centum said...


The buzz is Lake Youngs Ultra this weekend! Looks like you are going to have a good turnout Mr. RD! The weather may even cooperate.

Michelle and I are going to run NODM in Squim so we won't be running LY. Have fun!

Since you started with the old sayings I'm reminded of this old one... WS will be hotter than a two bit pistol. Or this one... WS will be hotter than a three peckered billygoat.

I managed 12 summits in 8 hours on Saturday. Ran with Chris Fagan and her WS pacer Wendy. Marty Fagan ran ahead with a runner named Nick who runs with Brian Morrison.