Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tacoma Marathon Review

The Tacoma Marathon is a very memorable marathon and not just because I ran it with my wife. It is one of the most visually interesting and diverse marathons I've run. There are new and old neighborhoods that range from pristine to run-down. Some that made you want to run faster (for your life) and even some that are historical and amazing. There are views of mountains and bridges and the ocean. You run through downtown and city parks and along the waterfront and even through some thick woods at the zoo. You run under bridges and over bridges and past bridges and even through a couple of tunnels. There were even a few places that made you want to stop and take in the view for a few minutes, but we didn't. One of Jenn's favorites was the water feature on the front of the Russell Investment building. I thought she was going to run over and start playing in it. I usually see about 5% of the volunteers looking like they are doing court mandated community service, but not on this marathon. Every single person that was involved in volunteering out on the course had a smile for us or something positive to say.


Anonymous said...

Its great that you train with your wife! She is a lucky woman.

human touch

Journey to a Centum said...

Arthur - You gave your wife an incredible mother day gift on Sunday! Way to go dude!

See you Saturday. I'm going to ride with Putz (Steve Stoyles) and his dad Bob.