Monday, July 02, 2007

Summit Lake Taper

I guess my lack of running could or should be considered a taper for Seafair this weekend. My mind and body may not be rested but my running legs sure will be.

I did manage to get in 7 1/3 miles down in Olympia on Sunday. I ran a great little loop around Summit Lake (that's just north of Capitol Peak). It has a ton of short but steep hills that, depending on your pace, can really but you into short term O2 debt. I think my pace was just below threshold so I was working hard to get to the top of each hill. If you start out at the public boat lunch you can even get in a swim afterwards. Here's a link to the route. The public boat launch is at mile 6. There are about 28 small hills to climb.

I also rode my bike to work then work work for a total of 17 miles on Tuesday. And on Wednesday I did a 2.2 mile speed workout.

On a more positive note, since I've been working so much, I haven't had time to eat so I've dropped and few pounds. (151 this morning) Maybe that will help me to run faster.

See you Sunday

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shawn said...

If you lose any more weight, we can no longer be friends.

Good job on your training last week.