Monday, August 06, 2007

CCC Training Run Take II

Last year I did the last 1/3 of CCC at the beginning of July. There was a lot of snow and it was really Hot. This year a month later, there was no snow and it was not very hot at all. The first time it kinda freaked me out on how hard just this part of the course was. And when I got to this point I would have run further than I every had. A year (13 months) later, I finished the 30 miles thinking Dang that was easy, lets keep going

Shela and I met up with Tc & Van (& Gwen, Van's Pacer, at the Cafe) at the Park and Ride @ 5 and we were running by 6:30. It was cool standing around but as soon as you started to move it got down right Cold. I stayed in the back to try and draft off Tc and to get an extra layer of Dust as insulation. It worked and I went from shivering and sweating in no time.

It was a beautiful day for running.

I had the great fortune to talk with Gwen. She's a great person and a strong runner. I think she'll be a great pacer for Van.

Once again, Tc was a great tour guide.

I was the slowest runner of the group so as the day went on I made sure I stayed focused on training, and thinking about the race. We ran it in 7:46 with about 30 minutes worth of lunch breaks. This is way faster then I'll be moving on race day but the amount of effort I put in was probably similar.

Shela and I took some time to play in the water.

On Sunday the run on the first 20 miles of the course was canceled because of the Easton Ridge Fire
Here's a map of the fire with an approximate race route drawn in Pink.

Instead of running Sunday I built this.


robtherunner said...

That was definitely my favorite part of the course. It would be interesting to run on the Trail from Hell during the day.

Nice railing!

Journey to a Centum said...

Beautiful pics! Can't wait to see that section. FYI the TFH will have a trail crew on it Aug 18. Those blowdowns may be gone if they can get to them. I am going to sign up to work the trail.

The section between Tacoma Pass and Olallie Meadows was in good shape. The road to Olallie Meadows has been worked on and is very drivable. I think bushwacking in some of the last sections before Olallie Meadows is going to be reminisent of our night run at Tiger Mt. with the bushes blocking light to the trail. Hopefully we will be working with some daylight still in that area.

I don't know if that deck rail is to code or not. I'll send an inspector out to let you know! ;-D

shawn said...

It would be interesting to run trail from Hell during the day? I wish I was fast enough to run it in the dark! I'm sure building that deck counts as resistance training - a nice follow up to a hard day on the trails. How did it feel to be the slow one in the group? :)
BTW - I didn't know you were running CCC! ;)