Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Washington Slam

According to my research there have been 5 finishers of both CCC and Plain in the same year.

Washington Slam
NameCCC TimePlain TimeTotal Time
2007Arthur Martineau25:05:0031:51:0056:56:00
2006Darrell Jenson21:58:0032:15:0054:13:00
2006Chris Perry28:44:0034:46:0063:30:00
2005Chris Perry26:55:0033:54:0060:49:00
2002Tom Hayes22:59:0032:00:0054:59:00
2002Liz McGoff23:27:0032:00:0055:27:00


Backofpack said...

Well, we already knew it, but this confirms it. You are a Rock Star of the running world!

Now I can be a name-dropper: "Oh, yes, Arthur, did the slam in 56:56. Yes, he and my husband are good buddies."

Congrats on a huge accomplishment Arthur. If you can do that, then you can do anything you put your mind to.

shawn said...

Uh...I think you need to talk to Rob. The Washington Slam is not yet in effect. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you'll have to run CCC, 36 Summits, and Plain next year if you truly want to do the WA Slam. But truly - huge accomplishment. You knew you were going to that all along right?

I like Michelle's idea of the name dropping...oh, yeah...I knew Arthur...we used to train together back in the day ... before he got fast. :)

King Arthur said...

yeah, Well you'll notice I'm the second slowest person on the list.
It's going to be like the 4 minute mile. Now that I've done it everybody's going to be doing it.
And no I've never run a 4 minute mile, 4:45 ... back when I Eighty's.

robtherunner said...

At this point with the way my running is going I think I might come up with a Washington 5k Slam instead of the one I originally intended. However, there will be 3 weeks in between CCC and Plain next year so that would leave a recovery week if we did 36 Summits on Labor Day Weekend. Should I start making arrangements now?

Journey to a Centum said...

Five freaks of nature if you ask me! I'm back to my alien theory. You guys are not from this planet.

Trail Scat

olga said...

Wow, that is some company! So, Rob says 3 weeks? Hmm...nah, I'll stick with wimpy plans:)

Jon said...

I stake claim on the Washington Slam name and all the subsidiary rights! :-D

Although that 36 summits thing that Shawn mentioned sounds intriguing...and scary.

But you're definately apart of an elite group to do both, totally hardcore!

adam said...

Awesome! Now I know an ultrarunning legend!

Steve said...

Your total time maybe fourth but you have the fastest Plain time and you are in elete company with some fast (22-23 hours) CCC finishers. That qualifies for Rock Star status in my book.

GotLegs! said...

Both Tim Stroh and Randy Gehrke have done this slam once or twice ... look again!

Oh yeah, yeah! YOU'RE AWESOME! Now quit ur whining and get out there and run ...