Monday, December 24, 2007

Flat Ass 50k

Short version: Flat and wet and fast. 50K pr of 4:45 (unofficial) This was a great training run for something.

I haven't run on the hard stuff since my iUWR marathon. The Foot seems to be nearly 90%. I tried to run light on my feet and it cost me because I was using muscles I don't normally use.

The family dropped me off about 20 minutes before the start (we live under a mile away). I gave the volunteers my drop bag which was my dry clothes and an extra drink, and then I went and found a warm dry place to sit until the start.

At the start I immediately sprinted out with the leaders. That lasted only about 3 miles. It's one thing to horse around a little but there was no need to totally blow my chances of running a good race. And I can only run an 8 min. mile for so long. That's when Tc went smoking by me after his pit stop. I tucked in behind him for about 1/2 mile but he was doing 7:50's so I let him go. At that speed I couldn't have held up a conversion anyway. I filled up at the first a/s because I didn't really pay that much attention to the description of where they were laid out. I could have skipped it.

Just after the A/S Shawn comes flying up from behind me (dang am I doing 10 m/m here ... Nope, the watch says 8:20). I told her we shouldn't be going this fast ... then I subtly picked up the pace to 8:00 m/m. We didn't stay at that pace for long, maybe a mile ... I think I hear Santa ... I better get to bed. I'll finish up later.
We tried to run each other into the ground for the rest of the race (or at least it felt like it). We got to the turn around at 2:15(~8:40 m/m avg.). I knew I couldn't keep the pace on the way back even though it's down hill. We went through the marathon mark in just under 4 hours.

We ran together or with in 50 feet of each other until the last a/s where I stopped and Shawn didn't. I think she picked it up after that because she disappeared quick. I didn't feel like pushing that hard. That would have been more pain than what should be allowed at a "fun run".

My second half split was 2:30(~9:40 m/m). I think I could run this course in 4:30 if I was racing it on fresh legs and didn't run a DumbAss 50K the week before. I think this way was more fun.

Merry Christmas


Steve said...

It was a good day for Sheila to stay home. It proves dogs are smarter than us. My legs could feel the effects of the Dumb Ass as well but it was good training on tired legs. Happy and safe holidays

shawn said...

I'll take that double-edged compliment ("dang am I doing 10 m/m here?"), ha ha. I don't think there was a "we" trying to run each other into the ground - that was all you. You're definitely a hare who can pick up the pace whenever the mood strikes you, while I an condemned to tortoising along (well at least until the last couple miles). You need a more descript mini-van - I never recognize it and I'm glad Jenn didn't see me doing my awkward strip show in the truck afterwards (cue the mind-in-the-gutter comments).

Happy New Year!

robtherunner said...

I guess if I was a little faster I could have maybe witnessed Shawn's awkward strip show.

It was definitely a good day to get the run over with as quickly as possible. Congrats on the PR!

Sarah Elaine said...

Just meandering over here from a link on Rob's blog. I enjoyed the pre-Christmas post and I'll check back again soon.