Monday, April 21, 2008

Winter Wonder Land in April

I was fortunate enough to get out and play in the snow on both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday Shela and I headed out to Tiger for a couple of loops around (UP) the Mt. Well the gate guy was late and after waiting a few minutes, until 6:05 (he should have been there at dawn which was 5:38) I just headed up the road the extra 1/2 mile to the trailhead. You'd think I was going to die having go the extra distance on a dirt road. I really don't mind running up it, it's the coming down part with cars going past that I don't like. ... Anyway...

I was soon climbing one of my favorite trails and with a special freaky white bonus.

I love the way the snow gets thicker and deeper and whiter as you climb higher and higher.

Shela loves it too. It always seems to be snowing more on her than me.

Because of my late start I didn't get in the miles or time I would have liked but I had more important things to do. I was headed off to a birthday party with the family. It was at one of those warehouses full of Huge inflatables. Climbing and sliding with the kids for an hour is really fun and a great workout! And then we had Pizza and Ice Cream Cake. Yum, I loaded up for Sunday!

Sunday, on the way out to the trail, I knew it would be a great day no matter what.

I met up with the carpool and we decided to go all the way out to Mt. Si. OK, it was my crazy idea but I figured there would be some really great snow up there.

I was right and there weren't that many people on the trail either. On the way up we passed only 3 groups that were headed down and 6-7 that were headed up. The only bad thing is that the snow gets packed down everyday so it's really slick. I didn't get any pictures out on the trail because nearly every time I stopped to turn around I ended up on my read-end. I snapped off a few at the top.

On the way down, I sat in the middle of the trail Jokingly, I was going to slide down a foot or so but ended up going about 20 yards before I could stop myself. Oops!

Running down fast a Blast! Needless to say I didn't try to slow myself down at all, except for the sharp turns. The traffic was getting thick, we passed about a dozen groups headed up. We got to the bottom in about 38 mins. All things considered we decided to not go up again (slippery trail+traffic+tired legs+speed=dangerous possibilities). After some debating we headed over to Tiger Mt. for 2 more hours of fun in the snow. There was an extra 2" from the day before so traction was good. When we got to the top of T2 the sun came out in full force, blinding me so all I could do was follow the foot prints 1 foot in front of me until I made it back into the woods. Wow that was Bright. As we neared the bottom we came upon Glen and Wendy, they were taking it easy and let us by.

I hope there's some good snow next weekend at Cap. Peak!


olga said...

See you this Sat! I like playing in snow, but not during a race:)

Journey to a Centum said...

You snapped off a few at the top? Do we need to know this? Oh pictures! OK, well nice pics. Hope your toes defrost before next weekend.

shawn said...

That was really funny when you slid into Van and she started yelling at you. And that *tc, always complainin bout his cold fingers. Aah, the carpool is funny. I like your jacket.