Thursday, May 08, 2008

Product reviews

There are a few things I take with me on almost every run whether on trails or the road. Here's my opinion of these things I "can't live without". I highly recommend all of them.

Brooks gear

Cascadia, Glyercin, Cascadia, Burn
I've been running pretty much exclusively in brook's shoes since the beginning of 2008. I've had their shoes before, like the original Cascadias's, but they didn't knock my socks off. My other trail shoe was discontinued so I tried the Cascadia 3's on and wow this is a great trail shoe. I've worn them in mud, snow, frozen ground, lose gravel and even hard packed fire roads. They worked great every time! The other gear Brooks offers is also great. I think their prices far and selection is great.

(Laptop not included)
I've been wearing a Suunto T6 since August of 2006. It has a good training manager that tells me I'm lazy if I skip a workout or two, a very accurate foot pod (not included) that tells me how far and how fast I've gone, a heart monitor that tells me I went out too fast and will die way before the finish line, an altitude/barometer function that gives me the elevation gain of my run and much more. I wear the watch even when I'm not running because it's so durable. Two things that I hope they improve if they ever upgrade the watch is the "beep" is way too quite, maybe it could be adjustable. And it needs more memory. It runs out of memory around 65-70 miles into a run. ... Or maybe I just need to get faster.

Canon Power Shot

I have the SD850IS it takes great pictures on the run and is smaller than a pack of regular cigarettes. Pretty much any camera in this line will take good pictures of your trail running experiences. It has held up great in the wet NW weather, although the lens will get fogged up when it gets too wet.

(OK I don't take this one with me)
I have recently added this hit counter to my blog. It's not just another counter. It tracks where your visitors clicked in from and where they clicked out to. Also gives you their city, their IP address, screen resolution they use, ISP provider, and a ton more interesting and useful info for tracking and "marketing" your readers. It's kind fun too.

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shawn said...

All I have to say is: Cheater! ;-)

Ok, that's not all I have to say. I will also add that on the few times I am able to keep up with you, that beep on your Suunto is loud enough - beep, beep - beep, beep - too slow, too slow it yells. I am envious though - it would be nice to know my running pace. Although I already know when I'm being lazy.

Nice report and pretty shoes. See you at Tacoma!