Monday, July 07, 2008

CCC Training Run Attempt #2 (Tony's Log)

We tried again, in vain, to run the last 1/3 of the CCC course. The final straw, just too much snow to follow the trail.
Here are the highlights:
We started off before dawn and made it to Mineral creek in 2:01. That includes a 7 minute "Tc pit stop" (see video below) and the 10 minutes it took to cross Mineral Creek.
We took it easy to No Name Ridge with only 4-5 snow fields to cross we made it there in 2:01.
3 hours and 5.5 miles of running and trail searching later, we're back at the No Name A/S location on the way back to the car.
Down to Mineral Creek in 1:23 and back through the TFH in 1:51. That's 10:24 at a smoking fast average pace of 2.7 MPH! Sure, we didn't get to see the whole section but it was a good time on our feet run.
As you may or may not have already heard one of us took a tumble off this log. Now and forever called Tony's Log.

And I happen to get it on video.

Watch This!

Monica on Glenn's Rock.

Shela & I.

Shawn cooling off going up No Name.

The View! It doesn't look like there's that much snow to me.

You can't see it in this photo but both Shela and I have red lights on the back of our head... Just in case a Bear was to drag either one of us off into the woods.

Here's Tony running like nothing ever happened. He must have landed on his ponytail.


Journey to a Centum said...

If this isn't proof that tc isn't some sort of alien then I don't know what is. That's the worst crash I've ever seen him do but I'm not surprised he managed to dust himself off and keep running. I watched him do a total NASCAR crash running down the Tiger Mt. "Highway" in chunky sharp rock. He crashed rolled, flailed, flopped and spun. Then he bounced up with nary a scratch and continued running. Looks like he's added free-fall and flowing water to his act.

That had to be a scary moment. Glad he's OK. Make him use the handrails next time!

So did Glenn rag-doll down the rock that Monica is climbing? Do you need to do some death defying stunt to have a rock or log named after you? And how did you get Shela across "Tony's log"?

King Arthur said...

FYI, that video is best played at 1/2 speed!

Years ago Glenn T. broke something foot/ankle/? on that rock.

Shela runs 4xpaws; she didn't even notice the log and did a 180 on it just to show off. Getting her across the waist/chest high Mineral Creek was a lot harder. It took 3 tries on the first crossing and I cut her nails when we got home, Ouch.

Backofpack said...

Wow, I was scared and I wasn't even there! I hate, hate, hate log crossings. I want to crawl when I get to them. I bet you guys had fun anyway!

Mother of Martineau Tribe said...

This is what I DON'T want to know about!!!

Very glad that Tony is okay.

(mumbling) stupid, crazy, people going off in the middle of the night, in the mountains...

adam said...

I am glad your video was so dark since tc's fall would have probably looked even worse in the light! Glad to hear he is still running strong. Sounds like a great day in the woods.