Monday, July 28, 2008

Training and White River Pictures

Here are some pictures from last weekend and White River.

The view from Goat Peak.

Fire damage near Cole Butte

I saw this guy having a snack on some grass and I was glad it wasn't me he was craving!

Rainier from near Cole Butte.

Shela listening for a snack at Tim's A/S.

Glenn's picture from Corral Pass.

And this is after I was feeling good again. I must have looked like death 30 minutes earlier!

Just pour that bucket of ice water right on my head.
I survived!
Showing the kids how to do hill repeats across the river.
I think we were looking like easy prey to this guy and his friend(s)!


Backofpack said...

Everybody is on some kinda bear kick! You are all trying to freak me out with too much bear talk. Eric said he was going to get me bear spray for crewing. I told him if there is a bear around, I'm not getting out of the car and he's on his own!

We saw a red fox yesterday in Pt Defiance - pretty cool!

Journey to a Centum said...

Isn't that the bear at NW Trek?

Sorry to hear you had to deal with being sick up on Sun Top. Nice job gutting it out and making the finish with a very respectable time. You've trained hard but best have a bad day at WR than CCC or Plain.



Jon said...

Dude, didn't know you were feeling sick at Sun Top. Then again, you made it there when the sun was at its highest point.

Thanks for slowing down for Van to cheer me on at the end from the passenger window. That was one brutal course for sure!