Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cascade Crest goals... How did I do?

update: Glenn's picutres are posted at the end.

#1. Success
My first goal in a race of this magnitude is to just travel from the Start to the Finish under my own power. A subset of which would be to not get injured. I had some sharp pain in my lower calf area while climbing up Keechelus Ridge. I guess it would be my Soleus or some other minor flexor muscle above my Achilles. From then on I ran/walked uphill flat footed. I tested it once in a while and it would always came back. I think if I had not changed my stride or really pressed hard going up the needles it would have gotten ugly fast.
#2. Success
My second goal was to beat last years time of 25:05. I felt this was an easy goal as long as I didn't make any Big mistakes. I didn't train with big mileage last year like I did this year but I had done a ton of cross training (re: remodeled a house). Last year I just ran every section really well with no bonking.
#3. Success
My third goal was to break 24 hours. Why 24 hours, well why 100 miles? 24 is one day, dah! I think it's a standard of measure in 100 miler's. CCC had 10 runners finish under 24 hours this year, 9 last year, and 5 the year before that. In the first ten years there have been 65 finishes under 24 hours by 45 different runners (by my foggy headed math).
#4. Success
This goal was more subjective. It was to finish in the top 10. So depending on who showed up healthy and who added their name in the last week, it could go either way with goal #3. I don't know the names or faces of a lot of fast runners from other parts of the country so I just tried to run my own race according to goal #5.
#5. Success... well almost... close enough.
This goal ended up being my main focus throughout the day and night and morning. This one was to run each section a little faster than last year. This meant I had to run smart and not have any bad sections. When I added up all the times it came out to 22:55. I ran every section, except the section to Thorpe Mt., faster than last year. It was about 18-20 minutes slower. And my time of 23:05 was just off the mark also. I guess that gives me something to strive for next year.
#6. Fail!
My sixth goal was the pipe dream of finishing in under 22 hours. I came up with that when I was playing with the numbers. It's 4% faster than 22:55.

I huge portion of my success has to go to my pacer Shawn "McTagyoureit", she really helped me out with this race. She kept me from making a few big mistakes. She got me to take in some drink and gel when I was bonking and nauseous. She kept me motivated and entertained in the middle of the night. She even stopped twice to let my wife know where we were on the course, and then busted her rear to catch up. I recommend her as a pacer if she hasn't already been hired as a full time pacer by Sam.

Glenn's Pictures


Goat Peak

Tacoma & Stampede


Journey to a Centum said...

Wow! My list of goals is generally much shorter. In fact typically the goal can be just one word: Finish.

You had an awesome day out there Arthur! Hope the muscle strain will work itself out. You have some climbing to do in about 17 days.

Mother of Martineau Tribe said...

In case you couldn't tell from the family blog - we are VERY proud of you!

Steve S said...

Great planning and goals, from reasonable to big stretch. I did the same at Pac Rim and like you it was both great motivation and keep me in balance throughout. Your improvement is huge in the last few years and the results are showing for your hard work. Kudos to Shawn for her help in your adventure. Just don't tell her that, she's already viscous with her trash talking.

Monica Ochs said...

Great job Arthur! You should be so proud of yourself for not only doing incredibly well but for all the work you put in. Rest up and eat well!

Laura H said...

Excellent job Arthur! Hope your leg is feeling better too.

Backofpack said...

Great list Arthur and great accomplishments too! Yeah, that Shawn...she's golden!

I guess I'll be seeing you at Plain, at the start, at about 50 miles and at the finish. That's what I'm a-hearin' round here!

Jon said...

Pacer? I thought you were going to fly solo. But Shawn is always good company to give you a kick in the butt when you need it on the trail. :-)

And I'm sure you'll hit your goal of a sub-22 next year for sure!

Mzungu ya Tembo said...
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Jonathan Bernard said...

Excellent blog - great to relive your experience, since I was quite a way behind you. Congrats on a fantastic race... rest up for Plain!

Michmas said...

Happy birthday you old fart :)

Good luck at Plain!


adam said...

You were looking really strong at No Name or were you just amped on sugar/caffeine!?! Awesome race Arthur. Those out-of-state and in-state leaders better watch out. If you improve this much next year you will be on their heels, if not their toes!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Dude! Yeah Plain, those foot steps you will be hearing behind you will be me. I hope you have really good hearing!

shawn said...

I second both Michelle's comments!!

Well, as I have said to you and others, you did all the work. You had it worked out "on paper" and you made your body follow through. I can't believe how much speed you had in your legs at the end. Amazing as ususal. Seriously, good thing I gave up the Marb 100s or I wouldn't have been able to keep up with you.

So, I bet when you asked me to pace you, you didn't expect that I'd be such a pain in the ass?! Hey, you bark at me, and I'll bark back! :) What's the saying? Familiarity breeds contempt? Ha!

See you in a couple weeks. Let's get our packing lists going!