Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Weekend Update X-C

This weekend I did something that I haven't done in, oh about, 24 years. (insert your dirty joke here) I ran in a Cross County meet. It was a two loop, flat course with a bunch of hairpin turns at Lake Sammamish State Park. I don't do any speed work so it was truly a 3.1 mile sprint. They said course was kind of sloppy and muddy and slow but compared to some ultras like Bridle Trails it was nothing. This was just a test race for the upcoming USATF championship race in Spokane on Dec. 13Th. I'm on the brooks team and I don't want to be bringing up the rear. Luckily that race is a 10k so I'll be a little more toward the front. I hope.

My splits were 6:24, 6:49, 6:44 and 3.1 miles in 20:28. I placed 78/132 in the men's race and 26/41 masters. The course did get a lot muddier on the second time around. The women's race was first but they didn't chew it up very much. I think I could have gone another mile or mile and a half at that 6:44 pace but I don't think I could have kept it for another 5k.

It was fun running a short race but I'm not going to trade in my Ultra Shoes anytime soon.

I was going to do a loop up on tiger after the race but I decided to rest and go play at the park with the kids instead. Plus I didn't know how running that fast would affect my legs.

Sunday I felt great so I went up to tiger for a loop. It was super crowded so I had to stop about a dozen times to clip in Shela. It was strange running it in the daylight and I kept trying to turn off into the bushes on the way up. I finished the loop in PR of 1:15 and called it a day. Michael that's 40 up 3:30 across and 31:30 down.

It sure is nice to get back on the dirt.


Jon said...

Nice times at the X-C event.

Which loop did you do at Tiger? Dumbass Loop? 3 Summits?

King Arthur said...

I did the DA loop

Michael said...

>>I finished the loop in PR of 1:15 and called it a day. Michael that's 40 up 3:30 across and 31:30

Excellent. Last year, other than Sam and Brock who obviously are not human, that kind of loop time was only seen for Half Asses running less that 4 loops like Don MacLean (3 loops) and Kevin Pazaski (2 loops).

Shawn also did a notable 1:17 first loop in her five. It seems as if the field opens up a bit at 1:20 and then everyone and his dog at 1:25 - even in the dark (ok, I'm exaggerating just a bit). I'm looking forward to seeing these numbers come crashing down in year two.


adam said...

Great times at the XC race for an old fart! Speaking for myself, my goal in any XC race (or interval workout for that matter) is to keep from having a heart attack.