Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chuckanut 2009

My fitness level and hill training were not up to pair with my planned pace to reach the finish in around 5 hours. Or maybe I'm just not that fast.

I made it to the top (where A/S 3 is normally located) right on schedule but then gave up 20 minutes on the top loop by taking it too easy trying not to burn myself up (like I have in previous years). The road down was more work than I had planned because of my cramping hamstrings but I made it down in good time. Faster than last year but not quite on pace for this year.

Once I hit the bottom it was just too much work to make my legs shuffle fast while my hamstrings were trying to cramp. About 2 miles for the finish I could tell I could still finish in under 5:30 so I picked it up a little and managed to pass 2-3 runners. I finished in 5:28, 17th master, 72th overall. That's 13 1/2 minutes faster than last year but not where I'd like to be. I guess it's time to get off the sidewalks
and back on the trails.

Picture by Glenn Tachiyama

Thanks Glenn!


Backofpack said...

13.5 faster is a good improvement Arthur. I am sure you'll get yourself back to where you want to be. It's hard to pass up local races whether they are on sidewalk or trail - the runners around here are just too much fun!

Nic said...

Arthur, if you're "just not that fast" I'd hate to know what I am ;-)

Nice job out there!

Steve S said...

Maybe the hilly (ie. more sweating) runs require a little more salt intake to avoid the tight and cramping legs. Still, an excellent run and time improvement. Yeah there's no substitute for a few good 12 summits.