Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cascade Crest summary and giveaway winner

Finished that's always a goal.

PR also almost always a goal

Time goal of 21:15. I didn't make this one. I had a nearly perfect run through mile 81. From there the wheels totally fell off. I was sick, I was basically asleep walking and jogging the trail and since I couldn't eat or drink I had zero energy to move down the trail.

The good news is the the extra 1:30 in the last ~17 miles didn't prevent my PR. My time 22:45. Twenty minute PR.

The winner of the hat is Adam who guessed 22:45, so he nailed it exactly. Adam send me a note.


Colin Hayes said...

You must have been flying those first 81 miles in order to PR, considering the crash after that. I'd be interested in seeing splits, if you decide to post them.

Backofpack said...

Good job Arthur. The real story is pushing through the miles once the wheels fell off. That is the measure of endurance. Nicely done!