Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Uphill Challenge

After reading about the Uphill Challenge and watching the video a couple times, I decided to do my own Uphill Challenge at home. I figured shooting for 1.5 miles would be a good goal in the middle of a training week.

I set the treadmill to 10% and 6 mph and set the timer for 15 minutes. After about 5 minutes I figured I could go a bit faster so I went to 6.1, 6.2, 6.5, and finally 7 mph. I tried 8 mph toward the end but that was way too fast for me. I ended up with 1.647 miles which was a lot better than the 1.5 miles I was shooting for.

How far can you go?

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Journey to a Centum said...

Arthur - Since I've supplied parts for two of the larger treadmill manufacturers I got curious about the workout one gets on a treadmill vs running on the road. The engineers I worked with at both Precor and Life Fitness told me that setting your incline to 10% overcomes the "pull-through" effect. What I'm not clear on is if it was grade or angle. I'm guessing this also varies depending on the manufacturer. Something for you to check out anyway. Sounds like a tough workout.