Monday, August 07, 2006

12 Summits

After White River I took it pretty easy this week. Although I did do a loop around Lake Youngs in the dark to refresh my leg and ankle memory.
On Saturday I was treated to a tour of the 12 Summits run this by tc. This is a Must do for anyone training for a mountain Ultra. It's over 10,500 feet of elevation gain. There is a good variety of trail and some great views of Mt. Rainier. It was a perfect day for running, sunny but not too hot. We finished in just over 8 hours which too me seemed like a nice pace. Here are Tony’s pictures.

Mileage this week
Monday... zero
Tuesday... 5.5 miles
Wednesday... zero
Thursday... 9.5 Lake Young at night
Friday... zero
Saturday... 34 miles 12 summits
Sunday... 3 miles
Total 52 miles, 1105 ytd

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GotLegs! said...

Arthur, again, you and Shawn did really well on this run. It's always fun for me showing people who have never been on it, this course. Thanks for running with me. *tc