Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vegas Baby!!!

As many of you know Jennifer planned a surprise trip for our anniversary this past weekend. This made me change my running schedule from Grey Rock 50K to CCC 100. Well I didn’t mind that at all. I know that I’m ready for it. Well the trip was to Vegas. We had a great time. I only got about 3 hours of sleep both nights. We went to the Phantom of the Opera and The Battle of the Kings. Both were great. And other than the lung cancer from all the second hand smoke, it couldn’t have been a more perfect trip.
We decided, instead of running on the hotels treadmill (not open 24 hours a day), we'd run the stairs. And I didn’t want to leave her behind as I ran out in the beautiful 97 degree heat. I normally don't like spiraling up and down stairs but the stairs in the Luxor were fun! They go up at an angle so you zigzag up the side of the pyramid instead of going straight up. If you ever get a chance, try it. I dropped a few pennies over the side of the catwalk and they slid and bounced 27 flights all the way to the bottom.

Mileage this week
Monday... zero
Tuesday... 9.5 Lake Youngs
Wednesday... zero
Thursday... 9.5 miles Lake Youngs
Friday... 90 flights of stairs, 6 hrs of walking around (4 miles)
Saturday... 60 flights of stairs, 8 hrs of walking around (5 miles)
Sunday... Zero
Total 28 miles, 1173 ytd


olga said...

Hey, Arthur! I hope to see many of friends at the finish line, but whenever we (Rob) finish I'd have to leave after 30 min the most. So may be:)
Cute kids, and so little!

GotLegs! said...

Good luck tomorrow Arthur! I'm excited to know how the maniacs fair at CCC.

robtherunner said...

You're ready Arthur. It's probably too late for you to see this, but good luck out there and I will see you in the morning.