Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Nicolette

For a year and a half Nicolette has been waiting to turn 5 so she could ride on Dad's Warrior. We went around the block. I figured that was far enough for her first ride. She loved it.
With my dad in the hospital all week I only was able to fit in 15.5 miles, but they were all at a good pace. I cut my Saturday run 8 miles short because things just weren't feeling right. I guess the two 2 1/4 mile runs Tuesday and Thursday, on cement, were a little too fast.
On Saturday I finally saw some dear at Lake Youngs. It's been since last summer and I was starting to get worried. We saw 2 different pairs or 1 really fast and curious pair.


GotLegs! said...

ok, so Nicolette's braver than I. I don't like motor cycles.

Rest up for the weekend runs. It looks like you have 4 in a row.

You're pacing your wife next Sunday right? I was talking to Cliff Richards this morning and he said he drove over the course. He wanted to see if we were exaggerating about the hills. His assessment was this, "To run a 3:10 maarathon, I'll have to put in a 3:00 effort." He said that pacing was going to be difficult in that he would have to figure out how fast to start in order to get ahead of pace to make up for the hilly sections.

King Arthur said...

Thanks for the heads up Tony.

maniac hippo said...

Cute kid, I bet she loved the ride.

I'm still hoping I can come up to Lake Youngs and maybe help as a volunteer, but I'm having trouble nailing down some schedule commitments so may not know till sooner, sorry to be such a flake.