Wednesday, May 02, 2007


NEWS FLASH >>> They just sent him home this morning Friday 5-4

My dad is up and walking around after his bypass surgery (4 grafts) on Tuesday morning May 1st. The surgery took less time than they thought and his recovery is ahead of the curve. He might be home in 2 days.

Profile of 12 summits (red) and Capitol Peak 55k (blue). Without any snow that Capitol Peak was way easier than 12 summits and now I see why. Of course that's just my opinion.


GotLegs! said...

Thanks for the update on your dad. Glad to hear he's doing well.


shawn said...

Hey Arthur - Definitely glad your dad is doing well.
I was wondering - could you provide a graph of your dad's progress compared to the average? ;)
See you and the family soon.

King Arthur said...

Thanks for all the well wishes everybody. He's really being a pill to all the nurses now. They let him go walk and he doesn't want to stop. I guess he figures if he bugs them enough they'll send him home.

I can get my hands on a few EKG's Shawn.

Journey to a Centum said...

Arthur - Thanks for the update on your dad. Sounds like he's on the mend.

I can see what you mean when you said Capitol Peak 55K is easier than 12 Summits. You should have been able to do it much faster. Geesh... you must have been slacking!

Steve said...

Cap Peaks was harder at the regular start. We had the extra 100 yards at the start and it was much warmer an hour later. Just kidding.

Glad to hear your dad is doing well. See ya at Watershed. Happy trails, King.

shawn said...

That's great that your dad is home! Hope he can make it to Nicolette's party.