Saturday, June 09, 2007

Congrats All Lake Youngs Runners

A good (and wet) time was had by all. A new Men's course record of 3:17 was set by 2 time winner James Varner! Newcomer Allison Moore won the Women's in a time of 4:18!

First Finisher

First Dog (no prize awarded because he took the early start)

First Female

First Blood

Youngest Finisher

Oldest Finisher .... and Son

Staying Hydrated

Great Volunteers

Last Finisher


shawn said...

Thanks Arthur and Jenn! You put on a good run. I love my shirt Jenn, and the cookies of course. Despite the rain, I could have hung out afterwards for another couple hours...running is only half as much fun as the post-run hangin' out! Thanks for all your hard work.

Steve said...

Thanks again for all your fine efforts on a great run. The tshirt is excellent, the support was wonderful, and the BBQ and food was fantastic.

Steve and Bob Stoyles

GotLegs! said...

Thanks Arthur! Great run and post race festivities. Give thanks to Jenn for me as well to Chris. He is definitely in his element on the grill. I know all appreciate the hot meal afterwards.

Good call to you and Charlie having me stop. I wanted to run the last loop with Kristen since it was her first ultra (plus she's only run one marathon). I felt great afterwards and Sunday.

Now the long wait until 6/23 ...


Journey to a Centum said...

I've heard the burgers were worth going the distance for! Sounds like you've established a tradition!

Great job to all for organizing a great event that everyone seemed to enjoy.


robtherunner said...

Thanks for the great race, Arthur. The burger was definitely worth the 5 hours on the trail. I would have done it without the burger, but it felt like victory with the burger.