Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

I hope all you dad's out there had a great weekend. Mine was pretty good.

Friday night after work and work I finally was able to squeeze in a run. It was just 7.1 miles out on the cedar river trail in front of my house but I was happy with the effort I was able to but in considering it was nearly midnight by the time I got started and I'm sick. It took me 1:02. Everything felt pretty good. I obviously didn't cool down enough because I had 2 really bad cramps in the middle of the night (1 in my calf and 1 in my hamstring) that forced me out of bed and on to the floor.

Sunday I went to Tiger Mt. with my 69 year old Dad and my 3 kids.

Dad's recovering well from his quad-bypass 7 weeks ago. We hiked up toward Tiger #3 and on the Bus trail. We went 1.75 miles. I thought he might be able to go further than he did because of the great progress he's made.

PS. These pix were taken with the camera my "kids" got me for fathers day. It has image stabilization so maybe my running pix will come out better.

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GotLegs! said...

Arthur, nice to see that your dad is out and about! Nice pics.