Thursday, October 18, 2007

1st D.N.F.

I ran most of the first 50k of 20Th Century 100k this Saturday. I then walked about 8 miles to the next A/S hoping things would get better before I got there.

I dropped at mile 40 because I didn't want to make the injury to my foot worse by pushing the last 20 miles to the finish, just to keep my DNF'less streak going.

I started out the day in my regular road shoes. After about 6 miles I knew this was a mistake. At 12 miles I switched to a different pair of road shoes that I was going to switch to at mile 40. They have "Sole" inserts that give me a lot more protection from rocks than a normal sockliner. They have a hard moldable plastic bottom. This change helped a lot and the thought of not being able to push through the discomfort never even entered my mind.
Somewhere about a mile into the tunnel I noticed it was a lot worse. I guess in the dark you can't be as careful with your foot placement. I had been changing my stride so I didn't put as much pressure on that put of my foot but that was making my hamstrings tight.
The trail turned downhill and my pace increased, again taking the pressure off the foot and easing my pain. I continued along trying to just enjoy the day. It was sunny and cool. Perfect for running. I stopped on a couple of the trestles to take pictures and stretch out.
I passed the 51K A/S at about 5:45. I knew as I left, there was a good chance of not making it to the next A/S. Sure enough, about 1/4 mile later I started my long slow walk to Rattle Snake Lake (mile ~40). I thought maybe it would get better if I just walk for a while. And, well I have some time to kill because Shawn's riding the 51k back to the car.
I tried running a few times and it didn't really feel any worse than walking but I didn't keep going because I didn't want to make things worse. I've nearly DNF'd 2-3 times before and I've slways said to myself, self you can DNF at the next A/S. But before I get there I'm feeling better. I was really hoping it would happen again.
I finally got to the A/S. I hung out with John and Mike until it was time to pack up. The Co-RD said I would get credit for a 50k but later the Scott the other RD Vetoed him. I drove an extra vehicle to the finish and waited for the runners to start coming in.
I've "fine" with taking a DNF. It had to happen sometime. I'm sure there were a few people betting it would be at Plain 100. I've been to one Dr. and I have an appointment with another. They think it's a stress fracture on the bone behind the second toe of my left foot. It was hurting after CCC 8-24 but it wasn't really that bad at Plain 9-8 or Baker Lake 10-6.


Backofpack said...

The foot is the bummer, not the DNF. I hope it heals well and soon.

shawn said...

Yo Kid Icarus -
Sorry about your your fall - hee hee. JK. Truly sorry about your foot and hope the doctor has hopeful news.

So, once we're both back to running, there's a certain "baby" I'd like to knock over - I think the both of us would have enough strength to push over a port-o-pottie don't you?

Again sorry about the foot. I'll leave you with some words from your fav singer Garth Brooks:

"Life is not tried it is merely survived
If you're standing outside the fire.
You've got to be tough when consumed by desire,
'Cause it's not enough just to stand outside the fire"

Meaning - yeah, you got burned, but you had the guts to fly high and had a great summer. You will recover.

robtherunner said...

There are some who can avoid a DNF, but usually it is because they stay within a certain comfort zone. You are not one of those people, meaning you push the limits. Welcome to the club. I think the key with a DNF is to not be ok with it. Don't let yourself be happy with it. You can live with it, as it happens to the best of people, but we don't have to be satisfied with it. Sometimes we have to make decisions that suck and you made the right one. I hope the foot heals up quickly.