Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Cover Boy"

So I'm on the cover of UltraRunning Magazine. It's pretty cool but I can't seem to get Dr. Hook out of my head.

I will still talk to all the little people.
I did buy the biggest tub of Vaseline at Costco I could find so my Huge head wouldn't get stuck in the bathroom door.
You don't have to kiss my pinkie ring or bow at my post 100 mile feet.
No the Photo wasn't doctored or airbrushed. If it was, I would have had him hide my secret to speed. The wings in my hair!
All Hail King Arthur!!! That's a good one.

Huge thanks go to Glenn and Tony.

Go ahead take your best shot.


Mother of Martineau Tribe said...

Before the ribbing begins - I just want to say how cool the kids and I think it is. We are VERY proud and Glenn - what a talented photographer!

Joe said...

Congratulations! That is a rare privledge and garners bragging rights for sure.

Anonymous said...

they did ask me if i could, "...make the jacket brighter, the foliage greener, and maybe sharpen the details of the face." but i told them, "uh...those were the conditions. the horrible awful conditions."

congrats should also go out to rd charlie crissman for making the race possible. i'm glad i'm able to give cc100 some well deserved exposure.

i was told the next cover could be a cle elum "splash" photo. they never tell you if it's a sure thing, because they never know what else might come in, but wouldn't that be cool? two regional grassroots pnw races in a row?

so, arthur, is your hand tired from signing autographs? enjoy the celebrity!


Backofpack said...

Glenn's photos are spectacular and that was a particularly good one. You and Glenn both deserve the recognition and the congratulations.

Wow, you took all the good lines, I'll just have to be satisfied with knowing a celebrity. Your running community is proud of you!

shawn said...

Glenn, great picture, Congratulations! You always take great pictures! And we always love seeing you out on the trails.

ok are my best pot-shots for now:

You can tell it was airbrushed somewhat because Arthur's legs aren't the same color as the sky.

So, Arthur, with your new fame and fortune, does this mean you can now hire a driver for carpools?

The BATHROOM door hmm? Is that because you'll be spending all your time in there primping your "wings?"

So little people is code for teeny in-shape, ripped runners right? It's the slow clydesdales who will get kicked off speed dial?

Ok, ok. If you don't have anything nice to say...

Congratulations King Arthur! I guess the name goes to show, flaunt it when you don't got it, and fake it till you make it. ;)

robtherunner said...

Bowing down to the King. I hope you'll still say hello to me at races.

francis said...

That's a great accomplishment...keep up the good work

Michmas said...

I think you put Cover Girls to shame :)

Steve S said...

It was an honor to wash your feet at Plain. ;-)

Well deserved, let the DNF pass and heal soon so you can run some more.