Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Up Down Repeat

As most of you have gathered, I've taken my racing schedule down a notch or three. I'm back to recovery and base building. No more really long runs for a while. Add in lots of biking and a few short runs on dirt. I must hurry up and learn some patience, come on...come on. This seems to be an annual pattern. My speed and abilities go up in the spring and summer but then by fall I'm back to limping along slowly.

I'm biking to work, not sure how far it is exactly, about 14 miles with a monster hill right at the end.

Here's a look at the elevation of a nice 6 mile loop I've "discovered". I think it's soft enough to let my foot and ankles heal.


King Arthur said...
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Backofpack said...

I like the look of your 6 mile loop. I don't suppose it's in Pierce County?

Hope you find yourself healed up soon!

shawn said...

You'll be back to your old self soon enough. The rest of us will have enough patience to see you through...truly, we don't mind kicking your butt every once in a while!
Keep up the biking - biking hills will make your legs feel super strong when running hills. I can't get myself to be consistent about getting up early to bike.

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