Monday, May 26, 2008

2008 NB2V

Just a quick update with results.

My time was 22:33:35 of which 48 minutes was spent being bused around the tunnel which was closed.

Tim Lofton came in second in right around 24 hours.
Shawn Lawson , the Race Director, came in 3rd in 24:20.
And DFL was Ray G. at around 29 hours.

Tc did about 90 miles total.
Scott Railton did around 75 miles
Jane Herzog made it to just over 100k.

More details later.


Backofpack said...

Thanks for the post - we've been wondering. Congrats on a great time!

Andrew Taylor said...

Came the other way by bike from Thorp to Cle Elum and saw several (all?) of you chugging up the trail in the late afternoon. We'd met a member of your crew in South Cle Elum in the morning and were amazed by the whole enterprise.

Congratulations to all.