Monday, May 19, 2008

Western States 100 Lottery update

Page 56 of April's Ultra Running magazine listed the new rules. I have 2 copies and I still missed it.

Every year you are not draw in the lottery you get an extra chance (ticket) for the next year.
You have 1 month to apply.
No Buddy System.
No two, three, or ninety-nine time loser rule.
All entries online.

I still wonder how many applicants and DNF's they could eliminate by simply stating, This Can't Be Your First Hundred Miler.

I just noticed a change on the Lottery page for WS100.

Under the Paragraph "Automatics" there used to be 10 items listed.

1. Top 10 Male
2. Top 10 Female
3. 2 time losers
4. 25 Foreign Runners
5. A/S runners
6. Sponsor's runners
7. Trustee runners
8. Winners from memorial day and Raffles
9. Gordy and Cowman
10. Nine-time finishers going for #10

But now there are only 8 items listed. Numbers 3 and 4 are gone! No explanation. No new 3 time loser rule. Wow, it kind of makes me glad I'm only a one time loser.


GotLegs! said...

I think that the committee is still working it out ... although "what Adam said."

I don't really care for that race anyway. I suppose one has to run it once although one could say the same about the Boston Marathon. Nope! Still not interested!!

Hey, you wanna run a 90 miler this weekend? I promise there will be no weigh-ins.


Nic said...

There's some good info to be dug up on this subject here:

King Arthur said...

Thanks Nic. I updated the info. I guess I'll have to find another downhill 100 miler. Or maybe start one.

Jon said...

If they make another 100 miler as the only qualifier for the race, that would indeed remove alot of folks in entering.

Nic said...

I agree with the 100 miler qualification idea... for the longest time I was hoping to get into the '09 race for (what I see as) the wrong reasons, since adjusting my point of view, I really feel as thou' WS is a race newbs like me should wait on until we've 'earned it'...

You Arthur, you've earned it!

olga said...

Ah, just take it as it is. Of course, I remember how much I wanted to get in 1st time - and lucky me, I did. And 2nd. And 3rd. So now that I finished 7 other 100's besides those 3, I am just going with the flow. I'll aply - but won't be disappointed when don't get in.

Nice run at 12 hr!

Anonymous said...

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