Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Redmond Watershed 12 Hour

It was 96 degrees out of the course today. No wind and the humidity was very high.

Top 6 finisher's:
1. Alex Swensen 68.1 miles, age 43, last year 79.24
2. Tim Stroh 65.94 miles, age 45, last year 70.26
3. Van Phan 64.17 miles, age 36, last year 65.61
4. Arthur Martineau 62.73 miles, age 40, last year 64.89
5. Ryan McKnight 60.57 miles, age 35, didn't run last year
6 Sam Thompson 60.57 miles, age 27, last year 73.14

Obviously everybody was really affected by the heat. I think it was the first day all year over 75.

It was already warm at 7:00 am when the race started. I left the starting line in only shorts and a tank top. My plan was to just run easy for the first 1-3 loops then start paying more attention to the watch. There was lots of chatting for the first loop and before you know it we were back at the start. Lap 1 time, 46 min.

I didn't stop, I grabbed my water bottle and kept going. The lead pack stayed pretty close together. We were still enjoying the day. The 5.375 mile loop hadn't worn us down mentally yet, and we were still all running pretty easy. You could feel some pockets of air getting hot already. It was like running through a row of 50 cheerleaders all pointing air dryers at us. I kept thinking how nice it would be to have a waterfall to run past or a stream to run through. Lap 2 time, 47 min.

I was in and out pretty fast, just long enough to fill my bottle and tell them my number. Somewhere along this lap I had to start giving some effort, not to much but it was noticeable. The pockets of hot air were starting to merge. To me the heat wasn't bad but I knew it would be. I really should have paid more attention to how hot it was. Lap 3 time, 47 min.

This lap I ran most the way right behind Jamie Gifford and Tim Stroh. I was probably running a little faster than I should have but I didn't feel like I was pushing the pace. I figured these guys are way smarter than me, maybe I could learn something today. Right before the single track small loop they gave me a turn at the lead. That was kind of fun because at this point in the day that trail is fun as it twists and turns quickly through the thick forest. Lap 4 time, 48 min.

I had an AWESOME surprise at the A/S. The family had come out to see me run. I was in race mode but I still took time to get a couple hugs from each of them and put Jenn to work filling my bottle. It was the best 3 minutes of the whole race. I heard the A/S volunteers got to enjoy the kids running around for about 40 minutes because they just missed me on the previous loop. I'm surprised there was any cake left after that. I left them behind and tried to make up the time out on the trail. This was a huge mistake and the beginning of a downward spiral that would last for hours. I wasn't paying attention when I left the A/S because some of the runners I was trying to catch up to were behind me. Another mistake. It also started to really get hot but I didn't pay attention to that. I should have slowed down but I didn't, I pushed harder. Lap 5 time time, 51 min. (26.88 miles total, clock time 4:04)

I really over heated on this lap. It was hot and humid and I was dehydrated! I just didn't know it yet. I don't think I was sweating for the last 1/2 of #5 and all of this lap. (I realized later) I finally made it back to the A/S just barely holding off runners I had just lapped. Lap 6 time, 64 min.

I figured I was done. I needed to sit in the shade and cool off. The shade was too hot so after about 5 minutes and went over to a horse trough and hosed myself down. The water was so cold it took my breath away. Colder than the snow fed Cedar river I'd be standing in later. That really did the trick though and I was off, out for another lap. I started the lap just walking, eating a Popsicle. I had no motivation to run but after about 2 miles I realized I had already drank 3/4 of my bottle of Heed and I had 3+ miles still to go. So I started running, trying not to drink too much. I eventually made it all the way around and I didn't even run out of water. Lap 7 time, 66 min.

I filled my bottle and went straight for the cold hose. This time I didn't try to keep my shoes dry or anything dry for that matter. I knew I'd be completely dry by the time I got back. The time keepers told me Shawn had left the A/S just before I got there and that she wasn't doing that well. She's pulled me out a funk more times than I can count so I pushed the pace trying to catch up to her. I passed Sam Thompson and his 1 loop pacer Brock Gavery. Sam looked over heated and was walking, although he did start running as soon as I passed him. I finally caught Shawn with about a mile to go and we ran in together. Lap 8 time, 59 min.

I had the routine down now. Ice in the water bottle and ice cold hose for me. Ryan McKnight was at the A/S changing his shoes when we arrived and we were out before him. Shawn and I ran this lap together. We were passed by Ryan but a mile later passed him back. We pushed each other but not as much as we normally do. The lap went much faster having someone to talk to and complain to. Lap 9 time, 61 min.

I ran this lap by myself, Shawn said she wanted to take it easy and not run that fast anymore. I guess I didn't either. Luckily it was starting to cool off a little. Lap 10 time, 66 min.

This lap was pretty lonely. There weren't that many people to pass and say hi to. Lap 11 time, 65 min.

I did 5 small loops in 41 minutes at the end. I think I could have gotten in 1 more because I was feeling pretty good but I knew it wouldn't change my overall position so I stopped with 7 minutes left. First thing I did was to cool off with that beautiful hose one last time. On the way home, Shawn and I stopped by the Cedar river for a 20 minute soak. That felt real good until I thawed out.

After dinner and a fun filled evening of drinking about 60 ounces of water, I lost 5 pounds. I got up in the middle of the night 3-4 times and drank another 40-50 ounces of water (that went right through me) and a couple salt tabs and in the morning I was another 1/2 lb down. I guess I was dehydrated.

I should be recovered enough to make a good attempt at NB2V this weekend. I was planning on just 50 miles but we'll see how it goes.

1st place Alex
2nd place Tim
3rd place Van

:^) <---------that's me---- 4th place

5th place Ryan
6th place Sam


Backofpack said...

Wow Arthur! I can't believe you all pulled in that kind of mileage in yesterday's awful heat. I can't even imagine how much fluid you had to take in. Way to go!

Laura H said...

Great job out there! That heat made my "gatorade" really taste good while I watched you all come and go!

adam said...

Stellar performance, especially considering the heat! Sounds like you are ready for WS100. Too bad WS is becoming such a media darling circus.

GotLegs! said...

You and Tim had impressive mileage differences (low) compared to everyone else. His was more impressive 'cause he's OLD.

Sam and I had the least impressive mileage differences (high). I could say his was less 'cause he's NOT OLD.

*tc 58 miles, age 47, last year 71.7

Oh yeah, then there's Van ... she's just not right!

Jon said...

Was Van really that close to her previous miles? Wow...she IS tough.

Thanks for the comment on my previous post BTW. That race was another learning experience for me that I can only build on as I keep going. See ya this weekend for NB2V.

Will Thomas said...

I can't believe how fast you were going out there. That's just crazy in that heat. Great job!

robtherunner said...

Well done, Arthur!