Wednesday, May 14, 2008

SPOT review wanted

Have you seen this new gadget? It's the S.P.O.T. "SPOT" Satellite Personal Tracker.

I saw this at REI, and it looks pretty cool. They have a great marketing campaign. I'm looking for a real world, real person review and field test. Preferably by someone here in the always cloudy heavily forested Northwest US, or even Western Canada, not some writer sitting in the parking lot of his office building. Does the phrase "you have to be able to see the sky" mean horizon to horizon or small holes high up in the canopy?

If this thing works as advertised, it would be a great addition to any ultra runner's gear who frequent the backwoods, I'd have it in my pack. They even offer rescue insurance.

I'd hate to be lost just feet from the trail in a ravine drinking dirty Giardia infested water, being bitten by 100's of bugs for two days because nobody knew where I was.

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