Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wet, heavy, cold, and windy.

The snow on Tiger is melting away quickly. But for now, it's still deep and slushy. The wind has knocked most all the snow down off the the trees but unfortunately it also blew 7 or 8 small trees down across the trail. I cleared a few but I didn't bring my trail saw so the bigger ones will have to wait.

This is the second bridge on the DA loop. It's passable and safe as long as you don't need to use the hand rails.

Luckily there were no big trees across the trail.

Shela had a good time playing in the snow.


Journey to a Centum said...

Thanks for the photos Arthur! I'll bring my pruning saw with me for the first lap. I'd like to clear the bridge if it won't take too long. I suppose I could drag my chainsaw up there sometime before but that's probably not to likely to happen.

Will you be joining us for a second helping of Dumb Ass or was one a year sufficient?

King Arthur said...

Sorry, I'll be working on Friday. The trees might all be cleared by Friday. They keep that section of the TMT pretty clean.

Michael said...


robtherunner said...

I'm hoping that the snow will be a little less by the time we try the FADA and the FAFA on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, you plan on breaking trail for us on Saturday.