Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cascadia 4's and the Last Chance Marathon

I just ran a 3:29 marathon in my new Cascadia 4's. I'm talking bran spanking new, right out a the box. They worked great. The tread is very aggressive and the shoe was plenty soft enough for the sidewalk, dirt road, and frozen snow and ice course. My pace was between 7:00 m/m and 8:30 m/m. I tried running flat footed and heal-toe, both felt comfortable.

I now have a cool reverse picture of the WS100 course on my socks!

I'll try them in the soft snow and mud this weekend on Tiger.


Michmas said...

Drool - these are my favorite shoes of all times.

Jon said...

Wow, no wonder why you suggested that I hold off on getting my Cascadia 3's. Oh well. I'll get my miles out of the ones I got and get the Cascadia 4's eventually...but by then, the Cascadia 5's will be out I'm sure.

Journey to a Centum said...

Question: Why 4? Don't you only need 2?

Great, a reminder of my DNF everytime I put my shoes on! Can't wait to buy a pair.

I just scored on some new in the box Cascadia 1's I bought two pair.

Frayed Laces said...

Last Chance? I think my buddy Tom Craven did that one. Do you know him? He's a maniac/ultrarunner as well.

King Arthur said...

I've not good with names but I think Tom was also at the First Call marathon the next day.

King Arthur said...

Hey Eric maybe these shoes will motivate you to finish the parts of the course you missed.