Saturday, March 07, 2009

Was I on Tiger or Cougar?

I thought I was running on Tiger Mt. but after I saw this I had to rethink that.

It was really cool seeing these prints in the snow. If I had been by myself I think the reaction would have been a little different. It was snowing so I could tell the cat was less than a minute ahead of us.

I had a great run this morning it was a ~15 mile out and back to East Tiger for a total of 7 peaks. It was a little icy going up the nook and over to T2 and T3 but then it was all powder, and once we took the turn to East there were no footprints (except the ones above).

I felt good, I was fast all the way up to T1, T2 and T3 on the return trip. We ended up being out there a little longer than I had planned but I'm blaming it on the ice and the sightseeing.

At the turn around.

This was a great run. My knee was and still is feeling great, almost 100%,. I had plenty of energy the entire way and the snow was awesome.

I have one of those smiles that come from a perfect moment in life. I think it'll be there all day.


Backofpack said...

Up there all alone? Like someone we know? Those are big and scary prints!

King Arthur said...

No, Shawn was with me. There is a picture of her in the snow at the bottom of the blog... It's always a good idea to bring along someone that a cougar or bear would find more tasty than yourself.