Sunday, March 01, 2009

Rain turned to Sushine

It was raining pretty good this morning on the way up to Tiger Mt. but by the time I made it to the trail head it had stopped and there were even a few tiny speckles of blue in the sky. I met up with Tony and Joe and Shawna and Shawn and shared the trail with them for an hour and a half. They went on to do 12 Summits, or at least that was the plan when I turned around. I did 12 Summits last weekend on an even nicer day than today and my training schedule and knees couldn't fit another one in this weekend.

My run was to be a 3 hour out and back. I ran up the Nook, over T3, T2 and T1 and then down past the X-mas tree and hung a left and headed out toward East Tiger. I ran a total of 1:24 and then stopped. I stopped at the lowest point between T1 and East. It's the large creek crossing just inside the woods after the first small clear cut. Looking back now, I should have gone further maybe to the Preston RR grade crossing. Anyway... I chatted with Shawn and Shawna for a few minutes while we waited for Joe and Tony to show up at the creek. Joe had lost his shoe in some nasty mud so they fell behind. I headed back up over 1 2 and 3 and down the nook stopping to talk to Glenn and then Charlie. I tried to push hard on all the up's thinking it was going to take longer to get back because I Near negative split anything. I was shocked to find it only took me 1:03 to get back which means without the chatting I would have been well under and hour. I think next time I'll go all the way to the next summit and see how that works out for a "3 hour" run.

The good news is, my knee is 70% recovered from the fall I took a month ago so hopefully after Boston I'll be able to ramp up my mileage quickly.


Michael said...

3 hours for "7 summits" sounds like a great target.

King Arthur said...

I'll try it again on Saturday, 7 am.