Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biggest Liar!

Trying using your favorite search engine and type in Dane Biggest Loser Marathon and judge for yourself.

I guess no sport is immune to his kind of thing but it really makes me mad. I truly believe anybody can finish a marathon, even the 280+ pound Dane from the biggest loser.

How can you cheat if the only thing there is to win is your personal fulfillment or increased self worth? You can't because you'll always know you cheated. But throw in some TV cameras and Cash and that's a different story. I guess not everybody that laces up a pair of running shoes makes the same transformation as I do.

Shame on you Dane!
Shame on you NBC and Biggest Loser

1 comment:

Steve S said...

It's a shame to focus on ratings and not the health and self confidence value. Corporate american greed has evolved beyond all morals.