Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Numbers Don't Lie

I was looking back at last year and the year before and noticed I don't really workout that much.
Here's what I found.
In 2007 I "worked out" 164 times on 134 different days that leaves me with 231 "rest" days. I feel like a couch potato!
2007 Races
Marathon's... PR 3:48 @ Seafair, ran 3 marathons all year
50k's ... PR 4:45 Flat Ass, ran 8
50m's ... PR 8:31 Mt Si., ran 2
12hr I did 64.9 miles in great conditions
100 mile ... CCC100 25:05, Plain 100 31:51

In 2008 I got Really Serious about running and did 282 workouts on 209 different days, that still left me with 155 days off. Some quick math and that's 2.98 days off per week. I was able to peak in June and July (before my CCC taper) at a combined 69 workouts with 14 days off. But that's still 1.6 days off per week.
2008 Races
Marathon's ... PR 3:18 @ Tri-Cities, 3:29 was my slowest, ran 3 total.
50k's ... PR 4:25 @ Ron Herzog, hilly but not trail, ran 8
50m's ... PR 8:01 @ Mt. Si, ran 3
12hr I did 62.73 but it was 98 degrees.
100 mile .... CCC100 23:05, Plain 100 DNFF

These "workouts" include; obviously running, biking to work 13+ miles, hikes, and a couple workout videos and some other misc. stuff.

My goal for 2009 is to be at 2 days off per week. (I'm not off to a very good start)

Here's a picture from one of my hill workouts last year. I think I had to carry him up the next one.

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Very interesting on quantity. Have you thought about rating the quality of your workouts? Speed, effort level, hills. You had some great improved PRs, how much would you attribute to increased quantity or quality?