Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day / Tacoma Marathon

6:07 Congrats Jenn!!!

...Story to follow...

Random thoughts from Jenn ...
...I felt good until mile 9, then my toes felt like they were in a vice
...I really enjoyed how friendly and supportive the running community is.
...Everyone was FANTASTIC
...Flitting aches and pains in legs, and buttocks for the rest of the race
...Somehow, I missed mile 17. Went from 16 to 18, I felt like I was flying!
...I remember smiling alot - not sure why...but, I knew it was important
...I was completely impressed with the support of my husband - I know that he was having as much fun as I was, I wouldn't of done it alone and couldn't of asked for a better partner.
...I was determined to run the last 2 miles, but it was probably only a mile, maybe a mile and half.
...Came home and cursed at the flippin' ice bath.
...I really wanted a big hamburger - I don't think I've ever been so hungry and sick feeling at the same time!

We had to get up at 4:00 am to have enough time to drop the kids off at Granny's house and still make it to the early start time of 6:00 am. I think that was the hardest part of the whole day.
I really wasn't paying much attention to the course but it did have a lot of short hills. And a ton of great views.
Jenn was awesome. She didn't complain much and laughed at all my jokes regardless if they were funny or not. She says she is going to stick to 1/2's from now on but we'll see. I'll give her a week or so and then try to get her hooked.

My feet started to hurt after about 5 hours and I made sure she knew it was all her fault.;) Other than that not much to report.
I had a good workout at the Redmond Watershed on Saturday. Which I probably ran too hard and too fast.


Backofpack said...

BIG congrats to Jennifer on her first marathon! She looked happy and strong when we saw you two down by the food tents.

robtherunner said...

Congrats to Jenn and to you as well for supporting her along the way. Maybe she will change her mind about only running 1/2's.

Backofpack said...

How's Jenn feeling today? And you actually got her into an ice bath? Eric tried to get me in after Pigtails - I couldn't do it - I stood in it twice and climbed out both times. I've heard since the way to do it is to get in the tub first, then fill it. Not like my crazy husband - filling it then sinking into it. No way!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling okay today (Tuesday) Monday was sore - but I have to move more than I know I feel like and that loosens me up pretty good.

Thanks Rob - really, THANKS!

Ice bath -'s not my favorite thing, but it really does help (ssshhhhh, dont tell Arthur!)

I've tried both sitting in a cold bath and filling it up cold - they are about the same.

I love how supportive all you runners are. What an amazing group!

Thanks for making my first experience so great!


King Arthur said...

Jenn was still a bit stiff and achy from the back of her knees to her hips yesterday. And she looks funny when she walks. ;)
Today she is much better and feels like she only ran a 1/2. Still looks funny walking!

Backofpack said...

Jenn, Glad to hear you are feeling better today. I'm sure runners everywhere are friendly, but I think that our local runners are exceptional - both the Maniacs and the Y Run Club. It's the best part about running!

Hope to see you at future races, and probably out crewing again too. (I remember you and the kids from last year's CCC, I was crewing Rob).

Journey to a Centum said...

Jenn - Our Y-Run Club has a saying that goes "The best runners are the ones with a smile on thier face". You were in that category on Sunday! Great job and congratulations!

I'm sure you hated that ice bath after the run but you probably would be in a whole lot more discomfort if now if you hadn't taken it.