Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bridle Trails 50k

This year was the first year that weather was not an issue at Bridle Trials. It was raining hard over night so I thought it would be another year of sloshing through puddles that were over 2 feet deep.

I borrowed a portable AM radio from Shawn so I could listen to the Seahawks get their tails kicked. I guess I should have just concentrated on my running. It would have been a lot more fun Not knowing how bad they did until after I ran.

The first lap seemed to go forever. I was thinking that we must be nearing the end but my watch said I'd only gone 2.5 miles of the 5 mile loop. I thought it must be the game that was making time stand still. After the game, in the dark, time didn't move any faster.

My first two laps, before it got dark, were 44 and 48 minutes. It felt like I was running easy, not even working up a sweat. I started the third lap and almost forgot my lights. Luckily I didn't get too far before I remembered. I ran much slower after it got dark half way through the third lap (52 minutes). The last three laps in total darkness were 58, 1:04, and 1:03. I'm not that happy with the last two laps being over an hour but considering the amount of running I've done lately I can't really complain. Time 5:33, a 9 minute PR over the faster frozen course from last year.

Here's a couple a pix from Eric.

Running some where on lap 2. Steve helping out, handing me my headlamp.

Note: The brand of that head lamp is Hummer, it was a gift. Jenn said I couldn't post what I really wanted to write about the headlamp exchange.


shawn said...

Did Steve give you that "headlamp" in the bathroom? Was Rob there? Was there hugging involved? (snicker, snicker)

Nice PR! Both you and Rob sure started fast; as much as I was determined not to let you two outrun me at the start, there was just no keeping up.

Actually, I should admit that the AM radio player has a secret function that allows me to program in subliminal messages. The message was "slow down, you want to get chicked."

robtherunner said...

I think my first 4 laps were similar, but the last two I added about 10-15 minutes per loop. I thought I would be more in the 1 hour range for the last two. Good luck at Capitol Peak!

adam said...

Sounds pretty decent to me for a fat-ass style race during the middle of the winter. Nice job and like usual, great report.

I haven't seen your site for awhile. Ultrarunning cover cool!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Yep, while you were out on those last two laps Steve, Lorri, Michelle, and I were dining at the Powerhouse Restaurant in Puyallup. I'm sure you missed us. Especially Steve.

Trail Scat

Steve said...

Ok, now settle down everyone. I take my crew responsibilities seriously, but I do have my limits. Be nice or you don't know what you may get in your water bottles next time. Shawn is testy because she had to suck on a muddy water bottle.

Good job with the PR.

olga said...

Now I wonder what happened at that lamp exchange:) Good running!