Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tacoma Marathon (only the 1/2)

Short version: 1:33:18 of sprinting at my red-line, 6Th place in my age group, 33rd of 952 over all.

Long version:
The day didn't start as I had planned. I woke up late and had to rush out the door, herding my 3 kids, still in their PJ's, into the van and off to their Aunt's house. Luckily I put all their clothes shoes and snacks in the van the night before. When I get my sisters house I have them jump out on the fly. OK I slowed down a little. Just kidding. I had to stop and pound on the door to wake her up, after all it was still dark out.
So after dropping off the kids I was able to make up some time and ended being on time for my volunteer duties. The next 2 hours were a blur of escalators, race numbers, shirts, drop bags and giving directions.
With seconds to spare I jumped into the crowd waiting to start and was off.

Stats: My HR was in the 160-180 range for 1:24 minutes
My mile splits
1 7:08
2 7:26 up hill
3 7:23 at the top 5k 22:50
4 7:05
5 6:40 down hill weeeeeee
6 6:54 10k 44:08
7 7:02 on the flats
8 7:05
9 7:06
10 7:10
11 7:14 hills to the finish start here
12 7:03 good song on the mp3 player
13 7:17 Holly Sh*t straight up!!!
13.12 0:40 That's one crazy last 1/2 mile.

My race went like this. I started out at my marathon/50k kick pace. It's that little bit I use up in the last quarter mile of my regular races. Side ache, long up hill ... run faster/ hold the pace as long as you can. Downhill fly like the wind. Flat kick kick, gel kick. Uphill drive hard only a couple miles left. Free fall down to the finish. Wow is it over already.

2 second negative split! Road 1/2 marathon PR by about 26 minutes.

Pictures to come

Can you spot me?


Mother of Martineau Tribe said...

Great job, sweatheart. Next year we will be able to do this one together. Sorry to have missed it this year.

Jon said...

Sorry Waldo, can't see ya. :-)

What did you do for the volunteering at Tacoma City?

Backofpack said...

Sorry I missed seeing you there. Early start, late finish, turns out I missed a lot of people! You should do more halves - you're speedy!

King Arthur said...

Hint: No hat, black SRC tank top, long hair.

shawn said...

Now that you posted those two pictures of you, it's easy to spot you in the crowd! Dang that almost inspires me to wear my hair down at WP - yeeeaaahh right!

Are those earphones I see? No wonder you ran a 1:33.

Jon said...

Good lawd! I forgot how long your hair was!