Sunday, January 18, 2009

Capitol Peak 50k, an intentional bonk

Why an intentional bonk?

I had a few reasons. My running partner Shela always slows down on the second loop. I ran hard last weekend and wanted to take it easy this week. I wanted to make my body remember how to feed off itself. I wanted to practice seeing the signs so I could prevent it. And I wanted to practice coming out of it and running through it.

I ran the first loop without any calories or salt, just Nuun. I ran pretty much the whole loop at a good pace but not fast. I finished the 1st loop in 2:16 still feeling strong but I could tell my energy was running out.

I started refueling right after starting the second loop because on the very first hill my legs were just dead weight. I took a few hits off my Gel bottle and had 1/2 bag of peanut butter sandwich pretzels. Shela ate the other half. I kept taking small hits off my gel bottle every few minutes and I finally came out of the bonk at the first water stop at mile 7. I cruised in easy from there except when I blew through a turn and did an extra 1/2 mile of bonus trail. It's a good thing I came across a mud hole with no footprints through it.

My final time of 4:55 wasn't too bad considering the pace of those first 7 miles on the second loop. I did learn a few things and/or were reminded of others. I can still improve on my ability to spot the bonk and coming out of it faster.


robtherunner said...

Always good to work on spotting and dealing with the bonk. Something I need a lot of work on.

Journey to a Centum said...

What? No mention of Shela's smoking tail from the burn barrel?

Backofpack said...

Oh, I heard you say you didn't eat the first loop, but didn't get that it was intentional. Sounds like you managed it well.